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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

"The Greedy Gene"


These are dangerous times, both in Britain and the USA and

Maybe in the whole of the Western World for we are witnessing

An unprecedented time of greed and corruption the divide

Between rich and poor has never been so great.


It seems the the poor and underclass are going to pay for the

Sickness that is Wall Street and the City of London, both of

Which harbour the detritus of all human life, this greed has

Infected great swathes of America and especially the

Republican south and with the help of the Murdoch publishing

Empire on both sides of the Atlantic


The low life cretins who control banks in our big cities have

Been diagnosed with a new gene that was found in the Geno bank

A couple of years ago and scientists have named it rightly so

"The greedy gene" which is very apt for these low life's


This gene must be eradicated from the human race, for it

Blinds those who have it to all that is good in humans for

Most would sell their own grandmother if they could make a

Nickel or a penny for their dead bodies


In Britain we have a group of bad genes called "The Eton

Mafia" who are inbred throw backs of the Lord and Master days

Of Edwardian Britain, none have done a honest day’s work in

Their fettered life and hold the working class in deep

Distaste, but these multimillionaires of the Conservative

Party have formed a coalition with a equally distasteful bunch

Of low life's called the Lib/Dem's, who have been out of power

Since the days of the hated Lloyd George who was the biggest

Political gangster of his time nearly one hundred years ago


The blame and cost is going to fall onto the poor and under

Class of Britain, they will pay with their jobs in the millions

And the very social fabric that bound our county  together is

Being ripped up into shreds, children will suffer and the old

And infirm are also pay for the greed of the City of London

And The Wall Street banks and stock exchange.


But we in Britain can hear the murmurs of rebellion and civil

Disobedience against those who push its people onto the bread

Line and soup kitchens of despair of the 1930's and that

Murmur will turn into a screams of blind hatred against the

Pigs who call themselves the British Government


Yet those who caused this disaster are still awarding

Themselves massive bonuses and sit back in their plush leather

Chairs and take the piss out of those who are bailing them

Out, but hear is a sanguine bit of tax free advice for these

People infected with the "greedy gene", build your walls high

Around all that you have stolen, for the whole nation will be

After your skins in a few weeks time, mark this well, push the

British people's backs against the wall and they will stampede

Over your rotten carcases, just as they did against that other

Tyrant Adolf Hitler


Monday, 22 September 2014



There are two types of snob in this human world, the monetary and the intellectual, both look down on those

who are neither.



“I pay my char the lowest rate”

bragged the British snob

to the wealthy Yank

“So do we” said the snob

from the U S of A

“But in olden days

they called them slaves”

“My one is as thick

as a household brick

sniggered the posh

snobby British Bitch

“ You make me laugh”

said the Yank from the

upper middle class

“For a dollar more

it will kiss my arse”

This type of snob

made their stack

just by laying

on their backs

But the ones to detest

most of all

are the cretins who

take us all for fools

They talk down to us

And pat our heads

Looking at you

As though you’re dead

Sneering at your

Your mother tongue

They are the worst

Of the Snobby ones


Peter Wicks(Downton Abby, bollocks)


Saturday, 10 May 2014

Bread and Dripping

Bread and Dripping

We kids were a hardy lot

Living on cabbage and spuds

Hardships of war years Ive not forgot

Breakfast was a bowl of oats

Made with water, looking like glue

You could swallow it down, after a chew

But bread and dripping, my favourite bite

Better than Bovril or even black Marmite

We spread the lot on bread, in those distant days

Even condensed milk was all the rage

Bread and dripping, from a Sunday roast

Spread on bread, but best on toast

A pinch of salt, it was done

Taste the flavours till the very last crumb

Even now, at 77 I remember margarine

Smeared on hair, but we drew the line

If mum used the dripping pot

For this was the best breakfast

We ever got.

Peter's War

Mister, can you spare a dime

They used to tell us

To save for that dream

So we saved all the time

For once we had a bankroll

Now it’s gone

Mister can you spare a dime

We saved like crazy

To realise our dreams

A vast fortune in

Dollars and dimes

But the sly crooks

In Wall Street

Suckered our dreams

Mister, can you spare a dime?

For once we trusted bankers

With their towers in the sky

Once trust bankers

Now they’ve gone

Mister, can you spare a dime?

Once we trusted government

To come to our aid and

Save our nickels and dimes

Once we trusted politicians

Now that’s gone

Mister, can you spare a dime?

Peter, can you spare a dime?

Peter Wicks

Social Housing Crisis

You just cant point the finger at this present slime ball government for the housing situation in the UK. Labour does not come out smelling of roses when it comes to social housing cos when they were in power they crippled council housing by "GIVING " away millions of council homes to sharks and spivs who run(for profit) Housing Associations(HAs).These once in house HAs were run by councils up and down Britain but over night that stinking treacherous scum bag Blair gave the order to flog off most of our countries housing stock to in-house HAs who over the coarse of a few years have become extremely rich. Now the CEOs of these shyster HAs have a salary that even a Prime Minister would envy. In passing it should be noted that these shylock HAs were given these council homes for as little as £5k each, regardless of the size of the property, my one got 6200 for 50 million with a loan from Fred the Shred....

Monday, 5 May 2014

Those Press-Ganged Days

Those Press-Ganged Days

Did they ever give a shit?
If they lived or died
They couldn’t vote till twenty-one...
Press-ganged into khaki suits
State murder, the end for some

The establishment
The monarch, the dross
Leaching preaching
Blue blooded pricks
The scum of Britain
These spineless gits
This worthless tripe
Of the upper crust
Imprisoned young men
For a two-year stay
As cannon fodder
For empire wars
Expendable lads of
National Service days
No human rights
Or sparse dignity
A mule to kick
The beast of prey
Some young lads
Died for these gits
Fucking inbred idiots
Palestine, the Jewish war
NS boys died by the score
Malaya’s jungles of death
Vote-less young men perished
From Kenya and Cyprus
To the hot Arab States
NS boys gave up their life
To feed that sick dream
The status quo for
Empire and Queen
Aden and Suez
The NS have fought
Spilt their blood
In far away wars
Expendable life
On foreign shores
The Falklands
Was the Maggots war?
All regular soldiers
For National Service
Is no more
But never ending
Is the need for blood?
The Gulf, one and two
The Balkans have
Taken our “brave lads”
So blue bloods can keep
The life that they have
For black gold
Or Texas Tea
The wealth of others
These arsholes do thieve...
I am one of the six million
National Service conscripts
Who were FORCED to serve
This this monarch and country
For two bloody year or a two
Year prison sentence was the
Punishment and to top it all
We could die aged eighteen, but
We could not vote until we were
Twenty-one…this is one reason
That I am a Republican…..


Saturday, 3 May 2014

Bonking Nuts

Travelled this road, more than three score years and ten, but the changes I’ve seen I would be stretched to describe them…..

From war and a peace that I have never seen on planet Earth amongst human beings….

Technology and Science march on the futures road but forgetting the millions who on the waste pits are thrown, to fend for themselves, to die on their own….

But the most disturbing trait that this poet has seen is the changes in women since the PILL was conceived…

Gone is the gentle and fair kind of sex, gone is the housewife who brought up her kids and gone is the families with one common name and in come the strangers to tempt and deceive the gullible woman with sex for their needs…

But generations have grown up, not knowing a dad, they clear off and leave them once the pleasure they’ve had, then the cycle of mothers who stand all alone with kids in the prams with four more at home, but these are the kids who have just  left a school who never got guidance from mothers who are fools……

So women have changed and not for the best and some are even growing mans hair on the chests they cuss and they drink and do everything we do, but marriage is dead and love with it to…..

We want it now, the pie in the sky, we want any rich guy, the old ones are best, we can screw off his nuts till the old fart is dead no chance of babies the Pill is our pal, we screw and we screw every thing we can and forget all our children and our stupid  old man, he can look after our kids like our parents of old whist we l screw off our arse and make the men pay for the burdens they gave our mothers in old fashioned days….

Long live the Pill and pox on love, long live lust and dirty old rich men……(I’m free)