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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

"The Greedy Gene"


These are dangerous times, both in Britain and the USA and

Maybe in the whole of the Western World for we are witnessing

An unprecedented time of greed and corruption the divide

Between rich and poor has never been so great.


It seems the the poor and underclass are going to pay for the

Sickness that is Wall Street and the City of London, both of

Which harbour the detritus of all human life, this greed has

Infected great swathes of America and especially the

Republican south and with the help of the Murdoch publishing

Empire on both sides of the Atlantic


The low life cretins who control banks in our big cities have

Been diagnosed with a new gene that was found in the Geno bank

A couple of years ago and scientists have named it rightly so

"The greedy gene" which is very apt for these low life's


This gene must be eradicated from the human race, for it

Blinds those who have it to all that is good in humans for

Most would sell their own grandmother if they could make a

Nickel or a penny for their dead bodies


In Britain we have a group of bad genes called "The Eton

Mafia" who are inbred throw backs of the Lord and Master days

Of Edwardian Britain, none have done a honest day’s work in

Their fettered life and hold the working class in deep

Distaste, but these multimillionaires of the Conservative

Party have formed a coalition with a equally distasteful bunch

Of low life's called the Lib/Dem's, who have been out of power

Since the days of the hated Lloyd George who was the biggest

Political gangster of his time nearly one hundred years ago


The blame and cost is going to fall onto the poor and under

Class of Britain, they will pay with their jobs in the millions

And the very social fabric that bound our county  together is

Being ripped up into shreds, children will suffer and the old

And infirm are also pay for the greed of the City of London

And The Wall Street banks and stock exchange.


But we in Britain can hear the murmurs of rebellion and civil

Disobedience against those who push its people onto the bread

Line and soup kitchens of despair of the 1930's and that

Murmur will turn into a screams of blind hatred against the

Pigs who call themselves the British Government


Yet those who caused this disaster are still awarding

Themselves massive bonuses and sit back in their plush leather

Chairs and take the piss out of those who are bailing them

Out, but hear is a sanguine bit of tax free advice for these

People infected with the "greedy gene", build your walls high

Around all that you have stolen, for the whole nation will be

After your skins in a few weeks time, mark this well, push the

British people's backs against the wall and they will stampede

Over your rotten carcases, just as they did against that other

Tyrant Adolf Hitler


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