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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Bonking Nuts

Travelled this road, more than three score years and ten, but the changes I’ve seen I would be stretched to describe them…..

From war and a peace that I have never seen on planet Earth amongst human beings….

Technology and Science march on the futures road but forgetting the millions who on the waste pits are thrown, to fend for themselves, to die on their own….

But the most disturbing trait that this poet has seen is the changes in women since the PILL was conceived…

Gone is the gentle and fair kind of sex, gone is the housewife who brought up her kids and gone is the families with one common name and in come the strangers to tempt and deceive the gullible woman with sex for their needs…

But generations have grown up, not knowing a dad, they clear off and leave them once the pleasure they’ve had, then the cycle of mothers who stand all alone with kids in the prams with four more at home, but these are the kids who have just  left a school who never got guidance from mothers who are fools……

So women have changed and not for the best and some are even growing mans hair on the chests they cuss and they drink and do everything we do, but marriage is dead and love with it to…..

We want it now, the pie in the sky, we want any rich guy, the old ones are best, we can screw off his nuts till the old fart is dead no chance of babies the Pill is our pal, we screw and we screw every thing we can and forget all our children and our stupid  old man, he can look after our kids like our parents of old whist we l screw off our arse and make the men pay for the burdens they gave our mothers in old fashioned days….

Long live the Pill and pox on love, long live lust and dirty old rich men……(I’m free)  

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