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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Social Housing Crisis

You just cant point the finger at this present slime ball government for the housing situation in the UK. Labour does not come out smelling of roses when it comes to social housing cos when they were in power they crippled council housing by "GIVING " away millions of council homes to sharks and spivs who run(for profit) Housing Associations(HAs).These once in house HAs were run by councils up and down Britain but over night that stinking treacherous scum bag Blair gave the order to flog off most of our countries housing stock to in-house HAs who over the coarse of a few years have become extremely rich. Now the CEOs of these shyster HAs have a salary that even a Prime Minister would envy. In passing it should be noted that these shylock HAs were given these council homes for as little as £5k each, regardless of the size of the property, my one got 6200 for 50 million with a loan from Fred the Shred....

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