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Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Dawn of Armageddon

The Dawn of Armageddon


Sleep walking nightmare

But this one is true

No snow on the ice cap

The melt is down to you.


Earthquakes devastate China

Bursting man made dams

Flooding the whole of Asia

Typhoons drowning man.


Tidal waves from Noah

The Ark of biblical times

Waters from the oceans

Left it on a mountain side.


Searing heat of desert sands

That swiftly turns to glass

Molten sand of half the world

Evaporates everything in its path.


Fire storms in Russia blaze across

The land, killing many thousands

In this red hot baking land.


Trees have gone, long ago

Spontaneous combustion

See how brightly we will glow.


Dust bowls creating havoc

Across American lands

As harvests of essential wheat

Is destroyed where it stands.


Along with fish in boiling seas

Not a single life form will survive

The Dawn of Armageddon

Is just about to arrive.


Peter Wicks 2008


Nostradamus Pete !!!!


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