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Thursday, 17 October 2013

650 reasons for a revolution

650 reasons for a revolution 

Never in my 76 year on this god forsaken Earth have
I witnessed  a government turn on its own people so
brutally  and never have I witnessed the callousness
and single minded pursuit of driving a group of British
working class people to the doors of a Victorian work

The script for this three year horror story of persecution
and deprivation of this group of hard working family's
could have been written by Paul Joseph Goebbels who was a
German politician and Reich Minister of Propaganda in
Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945, as one of Adolf Hitler's
closest friends. 

The hated Coalition government of Conservative and Liberal
Democratic MP’s will go down in the annuals of British history
as one of infamy and sheer hatred of a group of British citizens
that in our recent history, has never been seen in living memory. 

The words of lying,cheating two faced underhanded cretins is a mild
description of what was called the Tory party some years ago and
a new title that emulated from the dictators of South America now
hangs around the necks of most  ConDem MP’s and the word Junta
fits them well, but unlike the military juntas of South America this junta
has used the right wing media such a newspapers,the BBC and the
Royal family to wage war on the working class of Britain. 

The Labour Party is just as guilty of lack of support for their core
supporters and for three long years Miliband contemplated his navel
and said nothing as the ConDems hacked the working class to pieces in
 a orgy of destruction of the welfare state that even Himmler would be
proud of and one speech that promises “Jam tomorrow” in regards to
energy bills does not make a real socialist . 

There are 650 reasons why the mass of the British people must rise up
in revolution and the reason is the calibre and honesty of our members
of Parliament, none bar a few live up to the yard stick of a 1945
politician, because most of today's intake should have their hands
 chopped off for stealing money  from the public purse dressed in the
guise of “expenses”. 

Injustice is rife at the bottom of the pile and the working class are being
used by the “Houses of Crime and Corruption” as the sacrificial lambs,
that are  paying for the misdeeds of the City of London and the vile
 cooks and  robbers who stalk these tall buildings of the Gods
of Gold and Oil. 

This junta must go and go quickly to save whats left of their dignity and
morality and most of all to stop unnecessary  bloodshed that was
witnessed in the “Poll Tax” riots in the days of another Tory fascist
called  Thatcher, but this time the whole nation will rise up and demand
that they go and if the Queen quibble’s  over royal protocol, then let her
be the last one to sit  in judgement of the masses as we vote for a
Republic of the British Homelands and the House of Windsor can
vanish into the realms of history.
Peter Wicks....

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