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Sunday, 13 April 2014

A Daughter is a Daughter

     A daughter is a daughter


You have a child

In your early years

With your eyes

Wide open

You fail to see

Your children grow

Up into maturity

A daughter is yours

For all of your life

Even after marriage

As a young mans wife

But a son is a son

In his formative years

A legacy for you of

Heart-break and tears

He marries one day

The girl of his dreams

But the girl that he weds

Is not all that she seems

Possessive and jealous

Of his own mum and dad


Of the love that they gave

When he was a lad

So that adage is true

Of the wise men of old

“A daughter”

“Is a daughter”

“For all of her life”

“A son is a son”

Till he takes a wife”


Peter, the one who has the T-shirt

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