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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Urgent message for you all, please read and circulate

This Government passed a bill called the Health and Social Care Act 2012 (HSCIC). This in essence is the precursor for the privatization of our NHS .In this act it is required that ALL your medical records are given to other bodies outside of your local GP surgery, this includes private health care companies, insurance companies and in fact your whole life history will be public knowledge. But the Data Protection Act is this Governments stumbling block which requires YOU to give this government the right and permission to use your medical records for third party use. Your local GP will be sending you a letter asking your permission to either give this junta the right to have your medical records or say no to the request. I have received my letter asking me for permission to have my medical records given to a third party and you have two choices. (1) You say no to this request and you want your medical records to stay with your GP, or(2) You are willing to let a Third Party have all your personal medical information I said NO and when your letters come I hope you all will say NO and this way we can stop these evil people in their tracks and save our NHS....
Please cut and paste this to everyone you know, don't let them get away with this 

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