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Friday, 12 October 2012

The Impostors

The Impostors

This is a reality poem that effects us all, one
way or another.(depending on what fence your
sitting on)

You sold us all, down the drain
After years of fighting in Labours name

We marched with banners,flying high
It was them or us, do or die

But along the way you lost the plot
You've dumped us all, the working lot

You sold our "Silver" to the highest bid
You've sold it all, to wealthy PIGS

You make us sick, with your Tory ways
Council Tax, petrol tax to name but two
A burden created by your stinking crew

Many a pensioner goes "cap-in-hand"
Along the length of this "Rich mans Land"
You’re not the labour of the working class
You suck the detritus from the rich mans arse

They are the ones who pull the strings
That makes your mouths jerk and sing

We've had enough of your "Blair-rite" ways
Your time has come to leave your seats
And get out of our sight, you TORY CHEATS.

Citizen Smith,power to the people

(Via Peter Wicks)

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