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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Greed is Good

Greed is Good

What’s all the fuss about?   Some clever
Arse hole stole half the Worlds loot, so what
What’s the deal?,  they can print some more
So the rest of us can steal some, can’t they ?

Greed is good for you, it makes you fat and lazy
But it helps to keep the work force turning over
Sack the first lot then hire the next lot at half
Their pay, now that make sound greed sense.

Put up the mortgage rate to 50% per day now
That makes good greed sense, turf them out if
They default on a penny of our hard won stolen
Money, then offer them a rented tent on the lawns
They used to cut at a minimum rate of 500 bucks
A day, if they default, burn the ruddy tent down
Now that’s sound greed sense.

Put up the price of every day foods, bread milk coffee
Sugar etc, till the masses are starving hungry, then
Double the price of everything, now that sounds like
Good greed sense.

Do not pick up the dead and dying you find littered
Over the highways and byways, the plague and
Other deadly diseases is Good for greed, double
The price of the vaccines and medical care, now
That sounds like good greed sense.

All bills and daily food rations must be paid for
In CASH, we do Not trust plastic or banks or
Government promises, now that Sounds like
Good greed sense.

All communications with us greedy bastards will
Conducted by Cell phone at premium rate charges
Of 10 cents a second, or in the case of the UK  , ten
Pence a second, NO reverse charge calls Will be
Allowed  even from our own granny, now that sounds
Like good greed sense.

All phones will be hired form us at the ultra low price
Of 50 bucks a day, with a two thousand dollar deposit
Up front, like wise a premium will be paid to us for
Walking on clean dead people free pavements (sidewalks)
At a price to agreed, now that sounds like good greed sense.

So you see, greed is good for you, as long as you never
Ever get caught, the consequences are too horrible to think
Of, so far I have seen ten sets of  men’s ball bags hanging
From lamp posts in one street alone and hundreds of
Top of the range cars burnt to a cinder, with many
Rolls Royce’s belonging to the greedy gits burnt
Out, with the charred body of the greedy git still inside
Well if that’s the price of being a greedy git, then so be it.

Peter the not so greedy git

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