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Saturday, 27 October 2012

The New Philosophy

The New Philosophy

Kick them and starve them
Make them your slaves
Take all their benefits
For the rich ones to keep
Make them bend down
To kiss their masters

Screw them and stuff them
Fill them with force hopes
Take away the safety net
So the scum just choke
Privatize everything
Let them freeze to death
Do nothing to stop it
Just pile on the crap
As they beg for mercy
We can tape up their

For we are the New Order
That Thatcher decreed
A nation of grovelling serfs
That panders to upper crust

Eaton has schooled us
“You are born to rule”
Because only us rich
Can govern these
Underclass FOOLS…

Plebs should be seen
But be silent as a grave
As they pander and grovel
To our every need….

For we are the Conservatives
Who have  lied  through our teeth
We have saved  all  of  YOUR  loot
In the banks that WE own
That keeps us in great comfort
In our vast stately homes….

So raise that cap and bow your heads
Pay homage to us as we steal your bread
Be thankful for the jobs we grudgingly give
To you serfs and plebs we treat as pigs…..

For the New Philosophy is here to stay
Because this Conservative Government
Want it that way!!!!!

Peter the Plebe……

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