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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Tory Boy

Perception “Tory Boy “Deception

After the speech on the poor and fat
Tory Boy said society has a broken back
Doom Boy took a break on Cornwall sands
Spade and bucket with kids in tow
A perception he wants you all to know
“Humble Dave”, the kid from your block
Throwing his fizzby and playing with sand
This deception is all part of his great plan
But “Eaton Boy” was born of great wealth
For  he cant stomach our  cockles and whelks
So off to sea he ventures so very secretly
The real “Tory Boy” the public never see
Caviar and oysters aboard friends yachts
As he sings a sea shanties of a rich mans lot
“Stuff your Cornwall, your Ogees and Pies”
“Give me champagne and Aegean blue skies”
But has our “Dave” got a twin?
Tory central office have just invented him
“That’s not our Cameron on that ship”
“He’s still in Cornwall eating fish and chips”
So perception and deception is alive and well
For we know you’re in Turkey on board a boat
Soaking it up, whilst the people go broke

 Peter Wicks( Who threw that firkin pastie?)

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