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Friday, 11 May 2012

Once upon a Time

Once upon a Time

Once upon a time
In the land of make beieve
lived two wicked evil old men
Who always lied and deceived

Egotistic, vain, pluralistic twits
Cunning wizards, with evil tricks

The told this world, our word is true
On no account would we lie to you
One was called "Satan T Blair"
Who sold his soul to the highest bid
"Texas Tea Bush", the oil billionaire

Now Texas Tea Bush and Satan T
Conjured up a war, for you and me
"Ill make you rich" Texas T said
"Who gives a toss
For those wounded or dead"
"Let’s grab that oil beneath those sands"

They cast a spell, with big dollar bills
And greedy men followed, like imbeciles
Their quest for oil came unstuck
As blood and guts gushed from the ground
A civil war is all they found

Peter Wicks

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