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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Th Destroyers of Hope

The destroyers of Hope

So easy to control all those who walk without hope
Pushing aspirations onto a violent downward slope
Turning honest people into the rich ones passive slaves
Gutter snipes of government are so busily engaged….

Fascist little Eton scum bags that hold the public purse
Who are just as bad as Hitler or Goebbels at his very worst?
Punishing all the poor ones, at the bottom of this human heap   
Shamelessly embracing austerity days of labour on the cheap…

The citadels of monetary corruption that now infect our lands
Bankers grabbing our money with both their snatching hands
 MP’s look on at bankers, just watching these scum who thieve
As they line their stinking pockets with loot that’s yours and mine
Scraping laws that protect the rich from prosecution and of crime…

Hope is now fading for Britain’s hard pressed low paid working class
 As thugs from the Halls of Crime and Corruption whip your fu*king arse
The bolshie ways of the 1960’s is not  seen in Thatcher’s Children  of today
Brainwash by the Maggot, greed is good for you just let the poor ones pay
Don your caps of cloth and cringe and fawn, as you work until you drop
Or fight the right wing bastards never let them win, hold the banner way up high until we oust this fascist lot…..

Peter Wicks 2012  

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