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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Political Abuse

        Political Abuse
 (The Conservative Party)
When a political party
shows contempt
for the entire nation
 it should represent..

Dragging the nation
 into pig swill and dirt
blaming poor folk for
 misdeeds they create
millions who suffer
the savaging of the
 welfare state…

When a political party
 can’t give a toss the mandate
 of their party got buried
and lost…

When they tell  blatant lies
to  deceive turning to scoundrels
 of elected thieves, donning the
 mantel of the far off right
these are the times we
 Britain’s  must fight….

“They” want you in chains
 a slave to their whims
when only the rich
 and powerful will  win…

They’ve become Fascists
 the far right scum
Nazi dictators of the
 upper class ones…
The time has come
 for all of us to shout
“Enough is Enough”
Leave this Parliament
Whilst you can
Or your get battered
 to death by avenging

Peter Wicks

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