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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Monetary Violence

            Monetary Violence
Build it high, vast mountains of cash
Becoming the shepherd to tender the flock
Keep them moving like clueless sheep
Grabbing your money for banksters to

Using your money to keep you all in check
Just one of billions who are part of the flock
The masses are clueless of the yolk around
Their necks….

You work for “them”, that nobody has seen
Empty your pockets of all that you had
As lambs to slaughter they pick you clean
Banksters are crooks and sub human beings…

Greed is their master that you must placate
Working forever and paying your way
So banksters grow fat on half of your pay
Then shear off your coat and the grass
That you eat….

 Kick you and whip you till you are half dead
Dole out a pittance to the lambs and the sheep
Then slaughter you all, as a feast they will eat…..

The violence of bankers is a sight to behold
As cold as a shit in an ice bound pool
Evil bastards, one and all……

Peter the Sheppard Wicks

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