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Friday, 3 February 2012

Stairway to the stars

Stairway to the Stars

Just build yourself a ladder
Ten billion steps or more
Prop it up against a fluffy cloud
Anchored to the earthly floor....

Take a step, one by one
As you slowly reach the top
Passing up more ladders
The millions you all forgot....

The stairway is completed
As we climb upon a star
To travel to the Galaxies
So close and so very far……

Keep on building your exit
Your stairway to the stars
The ladder to the Milky way
To salvation both near and far……

Don’t look down way up  far
This Earth can not be  seen
Its clouded in  corruption
The worst the earth has ever been……

Let the meek go first
Upon these steps
The rich can go on last
As we pull away the ladders
Now they can kiss
OUR Fucking arse….

Peter Wicks

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