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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Dog eat dog

               Dog eat Dog
It’s dog eat dog in this poxy world
Has become all the rage in Britain’s
Land of shame…

Poxed up MP’s who graft and cheat
Greedy bankers, the lowest of scum
Human scum bags , who soil our streets
Legalize wholesale robbery from
Everyone who breaths and speaks…

Big fat bribes pass from hand to hand
As lobbyist and crooks, who dish out the loot
To elected pigs, this nation should shoot….

Dog eat dog as they strip off the flesh
The money and wealth till nothing is left
Throwing the bones to the weak and the poor
Cutting all the benefits and ramping up the rent
Cheating  the workers till they are sixty seven
Work till you drop and your life is all spent…..

Pigs of greed could not care less, for the disabled
In mind or the crippled in pain, mothers with kids
 A choice of heating or eating they don’t give  a fig
As dog eats dog in the land of Corporate Pigs….

So watch for the bloody backlash that is  stewing away
That’s making the entire workforce into serfs of corporate

As the nation will rise and throws off its chains
Slaughtering the scum who make them eat dirt
Remembering the Poll Tax and the riots ensured
Burning the symbols of the  capitalist  bums
And building a new England for everyone….

Dog eat dog will never be, when the people rise up
To chase out these thieves ….

Peter Wicks….

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