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Monday, 9 January 2012

Stuff em All

Stuff em all

I say stuff em all

every last one

the banker and wankers
who created this mess
throw them in jail
bury the keys
till they pay back the loot
they stole from me.

Ronald Biggs
got thirty years
Twelve in all did
the train job
Three hundred years
 slapped up in nick
for mouldy old notes
worth two million quid.

But the bankers and wankers
Who stole from us all
Were given a fat bonus
With millions of stock
Have those who rule us
Got a dose of “brain rot”.

So I say to you all
Take out a loan
For millions of pounds
Spend it or hide it
spread it around
if they ask for it back
Say that you’re
a wanker of a banker
From the golden square.

Bankers pay nothing
For stealing the loot
Stuff you all
Who gives a hoot
If MPs and Barons
Are the spivs
In flash suits
Throw them in nick
Melt down the keys
So they can’t  rob us again
When ever they please

Peter Rothschild wicks

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