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Sunday, 8 January 2012

As the World just Disintegrates

As the World just Disintegrates

As the world just disintegrates

Outraged poets gasp in wonder
Why on earth do others poets slumber

Passing swiftly through cyber space
As one reads the crap in another place
The world is crashing around their ears
 This talk of love and birds and bees 
Blind as bats , they refuse to see
Recession, repression at their door
Just closing their eyes they ignore

They talk of ants and queenly bee’s
“That bad old world can’t hurt me”
Wake up you fools and begin to shout
Write your verse and shout it out
Your soapbox has gone to ruddy pot
Creeping poets is all you’ve got
Cast the yoke from your ears and eyes
 Or  listen and see you’re artificial
World fade and die 

Peter Wicks

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