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Monday, 9 January 2012

Moralities Demise

       Moralities Demise
For the love of money and curse
 of greed Oxford and Cambridge
 taught many a thief.

Devoid of all morals
 that encompasses most of us
philosophy and economics
 They’ve lost our given trust….

Economics of the fabulous rich
who worship a god called gold
that leaves the ninety nine percent
of us way out in the freezing cold…

Educated bankers the greatest thieves
of all who pay themselves a king’s ransom
from a bank like RBS, then let the poorest
in our country clean up their stinking mess….

Not a sign of any embarrassment as
 they  pocket their ill gotten gains
 of massive salaries and a bonuses
 for a job more suited for a toilet cleaner
and not this over educated snobby yob….

So off too hounds he rides as he gallops
 on his horse across the fields he Tally Hoes
 as his hounds yelp and bay killing himself
 with laughter at all the damage he had done
and misery he had created, for each and everyone….

Morality and caring is never taught at high class schools
they leave this for the ninety nine percent of us who they
treat as stupid fools….

Peter Wicks


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