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Monday, 9 January 2012

The River Man

The River Man

Paul gave his all
In song and verse
To the country
Of his birth….
A caring socialist
For all his life
He fled  America
A country full of strife….
Evil times
In  MacCarthy  days
When black and white
Went different ways…
So Paul came
England’s way
To play Orthello
On the English stage
To tour the world
And sing his songs
“Old man River”
The Mississippi days….

He stood tall and
Never swayed
Caring for other’s
In his socialist ways
Gave away the fortunes
He made from songs
To the destitute and poor
In his work days long….

One of the greatest
Of Americas Sons
A beacon of hope
For every one ....

Dedicated to Paul Robeson

Peter Wicks


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