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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Rich man Poor Man

Rich man,Poor man
                        The poor man sighed
                        Is this what they mean
                        by the gods will
                        Can't he see all
                        These mouths to fill
                        The politicans Son
                        Grew strong and fair
                        Boasting great wealth
                        Of a multi millionaire
                        A motto for him
                        Make others your slaves
                        Live life to the full
                        It could end any day
                        His wealth brought titles
                        A massive living space
                        It brought him a wife
                        With a sweet angelic face
                        They travelled so far
                        All over this world
                        But something was missing
                        From his heart of stone
                        The love of a human
                        He was terribly alone
                        He spurned his wife
                        And distrusted his god
                        His life was meaningless
                        Gold was but candy floss
                        The poor man worked
                        In dirt and the factories oil
                        He married for love
                        The girl of his dreams
                        Their needs were simple
                        The very basic of needs
                        This lightened his load
                        Down lifes high road
                        For love was their strength
                        As through the ages they went
                        They lived out their days
                        With a life thats well spent
                        Now, he died with a smile
                        Cast over his lips
                        And a look of hope
                        Shone within his eyes
                        For after all
                        When said and done
                        Who was the richest
                        Of both these Sons ?
                        Peter Wicks


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