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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Old Nicks cooking Pot

Old Nicks cooking Pot           
                        To all my creditors
                        whom I owe vast
                        sums of loot
                        You can have your cash
                        your pot of honey
                        with crippling interest
                        high yield stash
                        Just follow my instructions
                        for the quickest route
                        to get every last dime
                        of your high interest loot
                        Take the highway
                        down Satan's Way
                        look for treble six
                        on the Devils door
                        knock, just once
                        a warm welcome
                        will be insured
                        You can count your loot
                        by a warm fire glow
                        spend it, burn it
                        all that you've got
                        for your not leaving
                        Old Nicks Cooking Pot

                        Peter, old nicks mate

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