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Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Bung

                                                       The “Bung”          


                        An insidious sickness now prevails
                        In those who govern and in power
                        Some are "bent" like shepherd’s sticks
                        Who take a "bung" with cash in it.

                        Corporate bodies flaunt their "cash"
                        With MPs baying "We must have"
                        With your "lolly", you make the rules
                        Take no notice of those voting fools.

                        We have big fat contracts up for sale
                        Ermine Peerages with all their gowns
                        Make your payments in gold or cash
                        Denying the fact we took your "stash".

                        So take your pick of what you need
                        And woe-be-tide the persons
                        Who call us THIEVES.

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