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Thursday, 5 January 2012

The "Me Me's"

The “Me Me’s”(or When the bubble Bursts)

In modern folk of the day
It’s the natural thing to say
Me always, first and last

All the rest can kiss my arse
“Me now” and never you
Pushing and shoving in a queue
If there’s two, they have them both
You’re just nothing, a stupid joke

“That’s for me”, as they push and shove
They grab and gobble all they see
Leaving just the rubbish for you and me
Designer posers with imitation kids
Four wheel drive, the selfish streak

Respecting others like farm-yard pigs
Up to their neck with massive debt
Was negative equity just a dream?
Something the “Me Me’s” have never seen

The bubble burst for the “Nuevo Rich”
In the darkest days of the late eighties
Our pork-bellied friends have yet to see
The disaster that comes with negative equity

Peter  Wicks

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