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Monday, 23 January 2012

Dont grow old

Don’t Grow old
Don’t grow old in this uncaring world where society cares little, or even understands.
The world has fostered the septic ones who care so little, even for their own dads and mums.
A product of greed, all the children it deceived, just telling the kids that there is no society.
There are cretins and maggots who rip off their own, for a pound or a dime or two, then tell the old that they cared  for you.
You pay these arseholes to look after some one, to give them the care in their twilight days, but they rip off the old in diabolical ways.
Paid by the State, in a lottery draw, the lowest bidder and the shitehawk ones win the contracts to fleece these elderly ones.
Ten minuets or less, their staff must rush, to clean up the elderly and make up the bed, to make them a meal and see they are fed.
But the truth must be told in the light of day, the mess of the urine, the stench of the detritus that’s messed in their beds and the crumbs they are given, to say they are fed.
Millions of old all over this World, to scared  to even speak, for they suffer in silence till death heals their pain and the bastards who did this, do it all over again.
Prosecute and castigate, the whole ruddy lot, sling them in prison for the compassion they forgot, give them the care, they give everyone and see if one of YOU would wipe their bums
One foot in the grave Peter

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