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Monday, 23 January 2012

I Heard Eccles

I Heard Eccles

I heard Eccles the other day

Moriarty and Bluebottle

Twas the yearly Ball

The annual advent,of

Lord Snotdon Crapper

Of Crapheap Hall

On the guest list....

"The Goons" one and all

There was Eccles

The giggling twit

Moriarty and Bluebottle

The sleuth and nit

Major Bloodnok

And Griptype-Thynne

Ned and Minnie Bannister

All were quite sublime

Spike and Peter

Harry and Mick

Had the event in laughter

With their daft slapstick

Ghosts from the past

From the radio days

The Austerity times

Britain of 1949

Peter Wicks 2007

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