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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

River of Ink

River of Ink

Give me a pencil
Or a pen
Give me paper
To go with them

Give me sadness
Give me joy
Give love to me
In verse or song
With pen to paper
I will do no wrong

Give me poetry
That speaks the truth
Make it rhyme
In simple words
Not in a vocabulary
Those nobodies heard

Give me life
In all its forms
Make it simple
For all to read
Not confused
In a jumbled phrase
That leaves the reader
In an utter daze

With pen to paper
Speak your mind
Search your soul
To its inner most depths
Write it down
And see what you get

Don't be afraid
If you think it’s not right
Remember the pen
Is more powerful
Than Excalibur's smite

Keep it flowing
Your river of ink
Then post it to us
And see what we think

Peter Wicks 2004

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