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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Britains Fair Lands

Britain’s Fair Land

We are under siege in Britain’s fair land
Treacherous scum from the upper crust
That we the poor and weak never did trust.

Making us pay for their thieving ways
Blaming us for a global banking mess
Stuffing  our loot into their golden nest egg.

Pious bastards, the two faced crew
Who make up the laws for me and you?
Eton and Oxford this vile vipers nest
Turning out the crap and never the best.

There’s the Eton Mafia of the Westminster mob
And the Lying DibDems of the Yellow streak crew
Who are stooges and puppets for the Eaton Slobs?

The poor and the underclass that are made to pay
For all of this loot these bastards have stashed away
They won’t blame the banks or the city fat pigs
For they have all our money, all that we own
Ripping off our pensions and work till we drop
For now is the time to chuck out this lot.

Put them in irons and throw them in jail
Show them contempt they showed you and me
Leave them in prisons we put common thieves .

Peter Wicks

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