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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Me old Granddad

              Me old Granddad

                        Old granddad
                        Smoked a pipe
                        Like his friend
                        The blacksmith
                        Shag tobacco
                        Gave both delights
                        Ready rolled
                        And ready rubbed
                        Players Digger Shag
                        Was granddads
                        Favorite one
                        With a penny
                        I would run a mile
                        To give old granddad
                        A contented smile
                        Murrays Erinmore Flake
                        Was Mr Davis
                        The blacksmiths take
                        When he and granddad
                        Smoked as one
                        The sweetness of the aroma
                        Delighted everyone
                        They puffed and jawed
                        Through a smoke filled fog
                        With briar pipes in there gobs
                        Lighting up, now and then
                        When pipes went out
                        And just jawed again

                        Peter 1946

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