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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Dave Allen

‘Twas talking the other day to Dave Allen, yes I know he
is dead but we are  kindred spirits as far as the "other
side" is concerned, and you just as well believe this
story as anything else in this world lol, this is the
story he told me when he spoke to god.

"Now just a minute God
You just listen to me
Stop giving me that crap
You've just failed in your job"

"And don't tell me you tried
To block my hopes and fears
Don't tell me anything else
You're supposed to be God"

"Are you telling me a porky?"
That life will surely change
You've had 2012 years
For this miracle to arrange"

Peter Wicks, with great respect to those
who are still waiting for something
to happen, may your god go with you

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