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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Golden Urine Pot

The Golden Urine Pot

They’ve taken the “P”
From all of us lot
Bankers and Traders
As they count the loot
In there golden Urine Pot

They don’t give a damn
As the “P” in their pot
Flows onto their hands
To buy up oil wells
In distant Arab lands

So taking the “P”
Out of you and me
Is like  the shelling peas
Instead of pea pods
It’s trillion dollar wads
Belonging to you and me

So lets all “P” in their pots
As we throw them inside
Stack them in tight
Pour in OUR “P”
Right up to their mouth
Of bankers and traders
Who stole from me

Say “cheese” you thieves
Go drown in drown in our “P”
That will teach you bums
Now taste of our “P “
As the world urinates
To drown this scum
So drown in the waste
That comes from our tums
Bankers and traders
The non human ones

Peter the man of piss

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