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Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Chemical Cosh

The Chemical Cosh

The old and the frail, with no voice to speak
Live in fear if hospital care they do seek

Friends and neighbours never come home
A pine box is waiting with handles of chrome

For if you go into hospital or a nursing home
Your aunts and uncles, your mums and dads
Who celebrate longevity with the life they've had

Beware my friends, if your old and your weak
They will bump you off, with a nod and a wink
The chemical cosh guarantee's the long sleep

Once they've injected you with this psychotic drug
All your crying and moaning will suddenly stop
Goodbye you old ones, for this is your lot

Heartbeats will cease like an unwound clock
So its farewell from him and goodbye YOU to
As the angels of death come after you.

Anti-psychotic drugs are as follows:


Look out for these names on the record sheets of your
loved ones, scream blue murder for the antidote, then sue
the pants off the gits who tried too kill them.

Peter Wicks

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