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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Three Balled Shylocks

The Three Balled Shylocks

For many years before and
 after the war Britain was littered
 with Jewish  spivs  preying on the
 weak and down trodden poor….

Pawnshops abounded in all
London’s towns Shylocks Balls
hung over their thieving shops
A sign of poverty of the very poor
as worldly goods they  pawn and  hock….

Dingy windowless dumps that
 smell of fish and rancid fat, Shylock
 Jews  lived in that, just one window
 with an  iron grill to keep them safe
 from all they steal..

Women would pawn their rings
 bed clothes, their old man’s shoes
 pots and pans, granddads gold front
 tooth ,brass and copper in all its forms
Paying the rent to other crooks who
collect and threat…

Given a ticket with a given date and
 the price you pay if your time/ day  late
they pay a pittance for all that they thieve
making vast fortunes on melted down gold
for the  Shylocks are back from
times that were old…..

If I was a rich man….Peter Wicks

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