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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Sword of Arthur

The Sword of Arthur

Looming darkly over granite rocks up on high the arch is seen, the entrance to  to Tintagel Castle  Arthur’s home of this Cornish King.
A mystic man of  Camelot  times, who’s father Uther Pendragon ,   seduced another mans Queen and Arthur became Cornwall’s King.
But Merlin was not amused that another mans wife was sorely abused, he took the Sword of Excalibur might and cast it deep into a lake at night
But Pendragon begged mercy for what he had done and asked Merlin to give the sword to his only son.
So on a dark winters night  long ago, Merlin and Arthur waited by the deep lake of lost souls, Merlin gave a mystic sign as a hand did rise, the sword held tight as the blade did pass onto Arthur that fateful night.
Use it well Merlin said for if you don’t Excalibur will strike you stone dead its  the truth that unfolds here for the knights of the round table still whisper
his name, King Arthur the  brave who fights with his sword all those who would conquer  Cornwall’s shores

Peter Pendragon Wicks

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