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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Stone

The Stone of Destiny

‘Tis Longshanks the Scots do fear
King Edward, the butcher of Welsh men
The Lanky King, with English spears.

The King of Scotland, Edward said
So doing battle in Perth, he stole The Stone
To rest in Westminster, for the English throne.

You can have a King, to rule in my name
John Balliol, the puppet King
Edward just sat back and pulled the strings.

But tempers flared in Scotland’s realm
Battles were fought, both near and far
Berwick and Edinburgh to the town of Dunbar.

Then William Wallace, a wealthy landed gent
Took umbrage with Longshanks, the English King

Did battle at Falkirk, to be soundly beaten.

Some years later, Wallace was found
Hiding  and skulking in Highland glades
Then executed for treason by Longshanks blade.

For many a century The Stone did stay
A symbol of dominance under England’s name
Then returned to Scotland, from whence it came…..

Radical Pete

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