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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Lonely old Man

The Lonely old Man

Not a soul ever knew
The burdens he bore
His life and existence
All  heartache he saw
He carries it with him
Where ever he goes
Even to deaths door

Like so many we see
That passes by and by
Nondescript old humans
Who shuffle along
Not a glance is given
They just didn’t belong
He had a family
Who cast him adrift
His usefulness is over
Like many of the old
Now total misfits
In your midst

The lonely old man
Has a story to tell
Of a life spent on caring
For the ones that he loved

Of force misguided trust
The family of “takers”
Not one of them gives
The love and affection

                                As this old one often did

So as you go upon your way
Pass a fleeting glance
Down your life’s highway

Take a closer look
At these grey old men
Your old dad could be
The cast-off remnants
Of one of them

Peter Wicks

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