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Friday, 18 November 2011

Land of my Fathers

Land of my fathers

Scourge of my genes
that  flows in my veins
the blood of my fore fathers
of centuries  past
bare witness to England
the land of my breed
this septic land
of beggars and thieves....

From the whipping posts
of 1694 in the dudgeons
in Bedlam, the Clink
for the insane
my genes have been there
bare witnessed my name...

‘Twas back with
King Henry in 1532
They boiled my ancestors
my own kith and kin
for paying no taxes
on Henry’s evil whim....

But this land
of my fathers
like Bedlam of old
still manacles and shackles
and throws you in Clink....

For their god called money
quicker than an eyelid blink
 for  this Sceptred Isle
is putrid and stinks
for Poll tax evasion
they put you in clink.....

Now the banks went bust
But who pays the bills?
That the wealthy do
 pinch and steal...

Tis us who will pay
For the deeds that
They’ve done
The Land of my fathers
Called the upper class

Peter  Wicks

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