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Friday, 18 November 2011

Sorry John

Sorry John Lennon

(Reply to his song “Imagine”)

I’m deeply sorry John
It was never meant to be
This imaginary world
You made for you and me
They still think there’s a heaven
But hell on earth, is the true reality
You imagined
All the people
Living for the day
Sorry John this cannot be
There is no equality
You imagine
There are no countries
No religion too
Let me  tell you John
We are plagued
By both these two
Greed and hunger
Is still with us
It never went away
Millions have died
In Africa since

                                                   This song you made

We never had a brotherhood
But we have the greedy man
Who kills and plunders
All he sees, in other troubled lands
You said that you were dreaming
Of a world you’d like to see
But I’m really sorry to tell you John
This was just a FANTASY

Peter Wicks, with deep respect for John Lennon

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