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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Land of the Free?

What has happened in the Land of the Free?

Where is free speech in the land of the free?
What has happened to YOUR DEMOCRACY?
Why are you scared to shout and protest?
Where is the American, we love the best...

Who are the freaks who make up your rules?
Taping up your mouths to keep you in check
The beginning of oppression by fascist fools....

Cut off the chains that bind you so tight
To bigots and crooks and government tripe
Threaten your freedoms, your own way of life
To jail you and kill you if you cause civil strife...

Rise up you  people in the land of the free
Don’t let Dictators threaten democracy
Tear up the laws that bind you in chains
Point at the scum, who you must blame....

Take back the media that pumps out its hate
Take back America before it’s far too late....

Power to the People

Radical Pete


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