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Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Latch Key Kids

Back in 2007 I wrote this poem on the BBC Arts and Message Board Poetry Corner over the phenomenal amount of children who have become latch key kids....something we witnessd during the war years.Now in 2011 we can see the rise of rise of a new generation of latch key kids.....

Great Britain is at the bottom of the pile when it comes to looking after it's children’s well being and the USA came second from the bottom of this list of shame. I have been there as a child and find it unacceptable that it has returned.

Its back again, The Latch Key Kids
A phenomenon of a bygone age
Absent parents or single mums
All are working as the day is long
No parents to care for the little ones
Never at home when school days done
The kids make dinner in the microwave
And the eldest is the surrogate mum
Mum is tired, and comes home late
Dads work longer for the rent and rates
Kids are farmed out, to all and sundry
No guiding hand to keep them straight
As along life's highway ,they all must take
They open their door, with a key on a string
So cold and empty, no happinness it brings
Latch Key Kids were a thing of the past
When dads were out fighting a WAR
Mums did shift work, making SHELLS
But grandma and grandpa did their bit
Giving guidance and love to Latch Key Kids

Peter Wicks (c) 2007

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