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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Who Knows

                     Who Knows

                     Who Knows

            Who knows if you will live or die
            the choice does not belong to you or I……

            “Count to ten” the anesthetist said
             but you remember nothing, you could be dead...

            Then you wake from that cold dark sleep
            with tubes and bags from your head to your feet…

            Water flows in a constant drip
             saline solution flowing through
             a tube into your dick into your bladder
             the fluid floods to wash out the cancer
             that’s mixed with your blood…

            Then it’s  the  chemo
            not a treatment of choice
            that pulls out your hair
            in massive great lumps
             and the sickness is awful
            that keeps  you down in the dump
             then your eyebrows fall out
             and your eyelashes to
             the baldness is complete
             for this is the “new you”…..

            Now the whispers of hair
             are back on my head
            and I’m glad that I made it
            and I’m back from the dead
             but cancer is terrible
             which you must really fight
             or give up the ghost
             and die in your bed
            In the darkness of night...

            Peter Wicks....keep going back

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