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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A Day of Shame

A Day of Shame
                                                             Republican sickness a shameful trait of an American party that preaches hate……
A greedy sickness of the monetary kind that rules out kindness to the lower class ones as Republicans say they can “kiss our arse”…..
Not a single Republican backed the bill that would give millions free care in hospitals and expensive pills…..
Something is lacking in the land of the free, as two faced Americans, the well off lot divide up this nation to the haves and have not’s….
Their fellow Americans who are born for the gun, who lay down their life for these Republican ones, canon fodder, a beast to beat who can die for the  flag, but never get sick…..
Good for Obama he stuck bye his guns and dished out Health Care for all of its Sons, that included the poor and the down trodden ones….
But the Republicans are moaning in the land of the free,that blacks and the poor are getting it for free let them all die, they shout and they curse"Pay us your dollars or things will get worse"

What a fucked up greedy country
Peter Wicks

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