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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Always "I"

Always “I” and never “We”

The under-belly
Or the under-class
The forgotten blacks
Of the working class
African Americans

The downtrodden ones
Who died in thousands
In the land of the free
As hurricane Katrina
Destroyed Mississippi

Their screams for help
Fell on deaf ears
As the waters of death
Washed out their tears

But if you were white
Regardless of class
You’re overriding thought
Was to save your arse
Helping others
Is alien to you

It’s always “I” and never “We”

The shameful things
They didn’t do
As death and carnage
Daily grew

Just shut your eyes
This horror will pass
But the memory of this
Will last and last
Then African Americans
Start kicking

Peter Wicks the English Poet

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