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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Cardboard Street

Cardboard Street

Look in your city
Your town or your street
Look for the cardboard
That rises at night
To shelter the homeless
On a cold windy night

From all walks of life
Theses box dwellers come
The sick in the mind
The frail and the weak
Cardboard and paper
Are homes they all keep?

Cornflake or Porridge
As long as it fits
Their bodies at night
In the parks or the streets
They line them with paper
As much as they find
And pray to their god
That the weather is kind

The drip of the rain
The roar of the wind
The sound of their heart-beat
When huddled within
Sleep is not easy
On a cold winters night
When the frost and the snow
Threaten frostbite.

Night air is bitter
When craving for sleep
Especially when raining
And the box starts to leak

The box is all-soggy
And falling apart
Time to move on
And find a new home
Of cardboard and paper
And a cold pavement stone.

But now it’s our hero’s
Who sleep all alone
Have no place to sleep
No home of their own
Many have died
Crippled and maimed
Then thrown in a gutter
The wastage of war
Their duty is done
Not wanted no more.

Peter Wicks

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