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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Cerne Abbas Giant


                                              The Cerne Abbas Giant

            Come dance you maidens
            In the cool of the night
            Within the ancient grounds
            Of Cerne Abbas Giant
            Virgin brides in Celtic times

            Saw the Dorchester Chalk Man
            As the ultimate fertility rite
            They would climb the hill
            When the sun went down
            Shedding their garments
            On the chalk Dorset ground

            Praying to this symbol
            As they pranced around
            Praying that phallic giant
            To give fertility to the womb
            The blessings of children
            That would be fathered soon

            Peter Wicks(Note: When the giant dick gets over grown with grass
                and weeds, the women of Dorset fight each other to clean that "bell end"          

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