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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Time to do or die

Time to do or die
 It’s time the working poor
 rose up to remove the chains
 of oppression fascist MPs have
 that locked on you, its time
we threw out these Nazi  bastards
 who despise and look down on you….

 We are back in the days
 of Nazi Adolf Hitler who hated
 the poor and underclass who
ended up in gas chambers
just as the Jews of days gone past….

 Gone are the safety nets that kept
 the worst at bay stolen are the
 allowances that kept starvation
 away…this fascist scum from Eton
who could not give a shit if you froze
or starved to death, but kept his “kind”
from it…

Fascist scum like Cameron
and the yellow bastard Glegg
Who sit there on their arseholes
whilst poor are slowly bled…

 Its time to do or die, we have
nothing more to fucking lose
ransack this poxed up Parliament
 and bring these bastards down
throw the fascist in the sewer
and let the bastards drown….

Time for another Pole Tax time
when riots brought “The Maggot”
 down, time for us to do or die
and rid the country of this vermin
to cease our children’s hunger cries
time for all of us to raise the banner
of freedom, so very, very high…..

Peter Wicks

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