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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A Scream in the Night

A Scream in the Night

Heed the child who
screams in the night
and see that child
who cringes in fright…..

See their bodies
all battered and bruised
this pitiful child
so badly abused…….

Look at their faces
distorted in pain
through the anguish
terrible lone suffering
that’s their parent’s shame…..

Look at the marks
so grisly and grim
on the body of the child
so frail and thin….

Look at the weapons
these parents will use
to batter young children
so badly abused….

They kick in their ribs
and break up their limbs
but no one hears
their terrible SCREAMS…..

Give them no pity
for the deeds that they do
think of that child
all battered and bruised

For what ever the cause
of the child beaters plight
for your gods sake get help
for the poor little mites
don’t be an ostrich
and bury your head
It could be too late
that child could be DEAD

Peter Wicks...I was a victim

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