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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My Faithful Friends

My Faithful Friends

            When I look back to distant years
            my eyes fill up with emotions
            tears,  I remember my faithful friends
            from the pups they were, till the journeys end.....

            My dogs and I bound by love
            by these trusting ones, my constant
            companions through the tempest of life
            a gentle lick for they knew best...........

            They sensed my sorrow of life’s hard knocks
             a nuzzle and a cuddle and that knowing look
             for they sensed my grief and the tears I
            shed, when told a dear one was now quite dead.........
            There was Floss and Emma Cherry and Jemma
             who is alive and well the Beagle bitch of lemon
             and white, who chases the hares in the bright
            Moon light, getting old, just like me
             as we wander down this highway to our
            ultimate destiny......
            When the day has come when I reach for the stars
             my wish is for my  girls; my faithful friends
             to wander with me on that journey so far......
            Peter Wicks

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